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Personal Storage

At Ace Self Storage you get much more than safe, secure storage facilities. We give you a service that meets – and exceeds – your needs, offering value for money, flexibility and security. We provide clean, dry and secures storage spaces that only you have access to using your own lock and key, and all covered under our service promise. To get a quote, contact our store.

Ace Self Storage offer secure individual lockers & self storage units at great value prices. Whether you need temporary storage whilst moving home, decorating or travelling, or a longer term storage solution, we will help you pick the right unit size and make the most of your space. And with extended hours access, having your personal items in storage doesn’t mean they have to be out of reach.

Ace Self Storage
  • Garage getting cluttered?
  • Remodeling your home?
  • Need to make extra room when selling your house?
  • Too many toys for one roof?
  • Downsizing your home?
  • Relatives moving back into your home?

Nobody Knows Your Storage Needs Better 
You’re looking for storage to make your life more comfortable, simple and with peace of mind that your valuables are safe. A storage facility that is clean with staff that are helpful, courteous and and pleasant. You want easy access so you can get in-&-out quickly, 7-days-a-week. And, perhaps most important, you don’t want to spend a lot.

We understand your storage needs, and we have you covered. That’s why, for over 20 years we’ve been Buckinghamshire’s first choice for self storage. Always here for you…always by your side.

There is great peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is clutter free…and all your cherished belongings are being protected 24/7.

Business Storage

You don’t have to be moving offices to need some temporary storage. In fact, self storage doesn’t have to be just a temporary measure for business. For example, perhaps you need to store stock or archived documents. We can help with it all…

Perhaps you have seasonal or surplus stock, or even display equipment that clutters your offices. Use Ace Self Storage rather than your expensive office space.

Ace Self  Storage can even help your business’ costs and ultimately profitability! With flexible extra storage space at extremely low cost, we can help you achieve far more cost effective bulk purchasing.

  • Friendly and Accommodating Services
  • Safe and Secure Storage as long as you want
  • Storage Rooms of All Sizes to meet your needs
  • Your Own Key to your own room
  • No long term commitment
  • Document / Archive storage
  • Bulk storage and pallet storage
  • Mail boxes – have your mail sent to our address
  • We have all your packing needs including boxes and bubble wrap


Whether you’re storing a couple of boxes of equipment, clearing office space, holding stock or archiving thousands of boxes of document filing, we have a range of secure individual storage units to suit your needs, from lockers through to bulk units and all at great value prices. Our business offer also extends to mail boxes, vehicle storage, telephone answering and even office space.

Student Storage

Why struggle home with all of your belongings when you can store them cheaply in a private locker or room?

They’re completely safe and secure while you’re enjoying your vacation. You just turn up at the start of next term and collect your stuff – it’s that simple. Many students save money by sharing a room and splitting the cost.

Stop your parents complaining about transporting and storing your belongings – tell them about this solution and they might even pay!

Archive Storage

Record and Document Self Storage

Are you looking for a safe home for your precious paperwork? Whether you need storage for personal documentation or for archive storage for your records, with Ace self service archives you get secure private document and archive storage rooms racked and ready to go.
No amount of document storage is too big or small for us, whether you’ve got 10,000 boxes, or 10. We’ll provide you with the best solution to your self storage needs, and we guarantee the lowest prices around.


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